Ramona Tribal History

    The Ramona Indian Reservation was established in 1893 in the Sauppalpisa Territory
    and was originally settled by the Apapatcem Clan, who were known as the “Medicine People,”.
    It is now the home of the Ramona Band of Cahuilla Indians, or the Ramona Tribe who are
    direct decendents of the Apapatchem Clan.

    The reservation is approximately 560 acres in size, and is located at the base of Thomas
    Mountain, in Anza, California. Historically, it is a place where food, water, and medicine
    was gathered for the Cahuilla people. Spiritual ceremonies and celebrations were also
    held here.

    In North America, many tribes have had to adapt to a wide variety of changes as European influence diminished native ways.
    The concept of “owning” land, and the influences of various religious doctrines contributed to the erosion of the Native peoples way of life. Tribes had to assimilate into a
    culture we neither understood nor agreed with, in order to insure the survival of our people. Many of the ways of this new “American” culture contradicted Native beliefs. There
    are Indian people who feel that assimilation into a new culture has contributed to the destruction of Mother Earth.
Desert Cahuilla Home; Edward J. Curtis 1924
Historic lands of the Cahuilla
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